TUTT 54: Definitely Not Coming Out

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A New show packed with all the minutia you expect from your friends over at TUTT. We talk about Ice cream vans, sex dolls, Josiah as a roommate, Ben not being gay, Porn and Josiah as a critic of his own short film. When does the hilarity ever stop? Tomorrow.

Yet another problem this week. The podcast rendered missing the final 10 minutes. We’re very sorry about this and have re-output the file.


Funtime Ben Stars in a Music Video


17 responses to “TUTT 54: Definitely Not Coming Out”

  1. Jonathan Avatar

    Hello chaps,

    The last seven minutes of the show seem to have been wiped, just after you are talking about Drakkar Noir. Great show otherwise.

    I guess I'm the only person who listens through to the end!

  2. No, I noticed that as well, but didn't want to say anything until I'd had a chance to download it again, which I hadn't got around to. Nice to know it's not just me.

    And Josiah, I thought your mention of how you'd commented on your own video was hilarious. I watched the video while I was waiting for the show to download, and thought it a bit odd when I saw that the first comment was your own :) It's also absolutely the kind of thing I'd do myself, then try and figure out how to edit it, then spend the next couple of hours worrying that people would notice.

  3. Thanks for letting us know. Seems like Garageband 08 is chock full of odd memory problems that caused it’s export to fail. I’m re-exporting the file and updating the RSS with a new mp3. Sorry for the problems.

  4. It's an oldie by Joe Walsh from the Warriors soundtrack. It's a classic. :)

  5. jessica Avatar

    good to know i wasn’t the only one missing the last seven minutes, either.

    who is the last song before the wipe by?

  6. P.S. I feel old :-D

  7. hola! Yes still out here and listening…and my podcast is still going (Radio Clash) since also November 2004 – tis weird those who have fallen by the wayside (WHYME, Ken and Squip, Podcheck, Mashup podcast amongst many) and those who seem to be still going – Yeast Radio, D&D, Curry etc…

  8. hey what was the name of that song that you guys said sounded like Richie Valens (that cry-eye-eye) reference?

    P.s. keep making shows


  9. you were talking about old podcasts that are still around. believe it or not, the drug addicts over at the Viking Youth Power Hour, are still hanging on by our fingernails. we even gots us a fuggin’ BLOG now. crazy man. http://www.vikingyouth.com

    we will overcome!!

    glad to see you guys are still on it too.



  10. Really enjoying the podcast! Wanted to know if you would accept submissions from unsigned indie bands and where to send our info to. We would be very happy to cross promote generating links from our myspace, facebook, blog and mailing list in return.



  11. like ice cream? like pirates?

    We’re looking for folks to join our crusade as we take over Union Square and give out free ice cream and Jollyship postcards! That’s it. Piece of cake. Who doesn’t like to give away free ice cream? The entire event will take no more than an hour but we need to gather as many pirates as we can to make a big splash!

    The raid happens Saturday, May 31 from 12:30 – 1:30p! Will you join us?

    If you can make it, reply to rsvp@arsnovanyc.com and we’ll send you all the secret details.

  12. We're still here too!!!

    (just posted a new episode too)

    much love to you sir ben and miss josiah


    My Silver Mount Zion

  13. Se Angeles Avatar
    Se Angeles

    Yo Ben y Josiah,

    Sorry about the Celiac Dz, no fun I know. Rice flour made a big difference for my aunt.

    Fearing the worst for the show and before I miss the chance, just want to say that you guys have introduced me to great things over the last few years. Without you my music life would have stagnated but with you I found the soundtrack that defined my moments, phases, and chapters. Wish podcasting were more directly ($) rewarding for all of you ‘casters…

    You are appreciated!

  14. Just Josiah Avatar
    Just Josiah

    I’m sure I speak for Ben as well when I say we are always grateful for our listeners and for affirmation like the last post that we are doing something people like. We without a doubt will do another show, just tough getting our schedules on the same page at the moment. Plus we couldn’t have a true TUTT without starting a show saying “We’re gonna do new shows… it’s been so long, yadda yadda.”

  15. I’ve noticed that a lot of the older podcasts aren’t available anymore. The problem seems to be that the “tracks.upthetree.com” site no longer works. Could you guys fix that?

  16. I miss the best music podcast out of Brooklyn.
    Make some more please :)

  17. This was the first Podcast I subscribed to when I bought my first iPod at the Apple store in SF on a business trip in 2006.

    I downloaded every one and enjoyed them all. I miss it VERY much.

    Is there more to come?

    I am old (50+) but not sad and enjoy indie music, much to the disgust of my teenage children.