TUTT 52: Mannequin Taint

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Alright, alright. Here it is… You guys really are some pushy bastards. ;)

It’s over an hour long and some weird thing with GarageBand stopped me from adding the show notes. Apparently 1 hour 3 minutes is all GarageBand can handle… which makes no sense. Also, it’s not in MP3 anymore, it’s in AAC (m4a) format, which will probably drive a few people nuts, but check out the chapters! Ooooohhhhh Chapters! And Artwork! Ooooohhhhh Artwork!

You may want to download it directly… RSS is making my head hurt. Available for a limited time as a link.

Josiah is responsible for all links… and me not getting any sleep.


25 responses to “TUTT 52: Mannequin Taint”

  1. Yay! I have something to blast in the office tomorrow morning!

  2. Caitlin Avatar

    Hot Damn! I love it.

  3. Just Josiah Avatar
    Just Josiah

    I heart Ben.

  4. Just Josiah Avatar
    Just Josiah

    Wow. Just realized…HAPPY 2 YEARS TUTT!!!

  5. Thank you all for pushing me to post this thing. I love/hate you all. :) We'll try and be a little more regular with episodes and I will try to fix my audio issues on the recording end. Thanks for putting up with my shit.

  6. TUTT Lives! Great to see a new show from you guys, it's downloading as I type!

  7. Hope you enjoy it.

  8. How the hell do I play an m4a?! You think I have in ipod or something. Sheesh.

  9. Argh! All this teasing and waiting, and it's not even an mp3!

    Can you please publish an mp3 version (sans chapters) for those of us with non-ipod music players?

  10. nice fellas – loved the Eric B. Rakim opening.
    Keep it up

  11. YAY! i just lost all of my school files on my computer, so this just made the day so much better!

  12. Hey B&J, been listenin' since waay back, but I figured I'd let you know how much I love the show–so you know, keep it up. My friend started a flight of the conchords forum a while back, check it out if you're into that: http://www.conchordstakeflight.com/

  13. It's like getting back with a old girlfriend but now she has the clap. Just joshing , great show guys

  14. Hey, I’ve listened to the show from the beginning. Believe it or not, people listen. Keep ’em coming.

  15. all of this anticipation and the file doesn't work past six minutes.

    is this happening to anyone else or am i the only sucker?

  16. No thank you my man.

  17. Hey dudes, LOVE the new episode, also LOVE the bookmarks, and the live hawaiian jams!! Thanks for featuring The Color Wheels too!! I hope there will be more…

  18. Hey, what was the first track. When are you going to do an all hip hop show?

  19. Excellent Show! Please say there will be more…

  20. this is sex plus one

  21. no, plus two definately plus at least two and a half.

  22. Yahoo. Thanks for the show. Been waiting for it…for-ev-vur.

  23. Ukulele Lover Avatar
    Ukulele Lover

    Can you have more of that hot Ukulele playa yeah!

  24. Thanks for another great show! My patience was well placed and you guys have put together something amazing again! Look foward to the next episode, hope the music is just as good as this episode's.

  25. Oh man, that took me back.
    I used to listen to this show all the time back in college, trying to stifle my laughter while studying in the library. When TUTT went off the air it was like the end of an era. Neat to hear a new one after all this time.