Okay, Okay… just 2 more days away.

I am two days away from releasing the next TUTT, so as a peace offering – how about a fresh YouTube video of me? I know it’s not a TUTT, but it’s in addition to TUTT.


8 responses to “Okay, Okay… just 2 more days away.”

  1. “Look at me. Theres things I have to do.” — classic!

  2. Formerly Miserable i Avatar
    Formerly Miserable i


  3. "…just 2 more days away" he said, 4 days ago. ;)

  4. kudos, can't wait to hear the new episode (so tempting like a french tickler)

  5. Just Josiah Avatar
    Just Josiah

    2 days. Times two. Plus two more. Then add another two. Or three.

  6. For this, I love you.

  7. BEN!!!!!!!
    That was the funniest thing I've seen all month, I loved that video….do you have more on youtube? I searched and can't find…..
    much love,
    (ps. Lauren is living in Astoria now and working at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in the offices – whoa!)
    let's catch up, email me!