Call for Suggestions: Irish Music

So, we’re planning our next show.(I KNOW RIGHT?! ANOTHER SHOW!) And we’re looking for great Irish bands, either indie rock, pop, country, hip hop, anything to do with Irish. leave a comment and get thinking.

The next show will be coming after Halloween, with pictures of Josiah in costume. I promise.


11 responses to “Call for Suggestions: Irish Music”

  1. i believe you must add a song by to pogues.

    and then u can pogues ma homme (or however u spell that. idk gaelic is the most random language ever)

  2. the clare Avatar
    the clare

    dude, um… i think i might be able to help you out with this one.

    since irish musicians have invaded my life in the past 2 or 3 years, here's a short list of irish acts i can list off the top of my head:

    friends (you've met): niall connolly, fred

    friends of theirs (or others they've introduced me to): dan donnelly, stanley super 800, ian whitty, tessa perry, simple kid, elephant (now defunct), fionn reagan, john spillane, brendan o'shea, mic christopher, damien dempsey, the frank and walters, ger wolfe, the sultans of ping, snow patrol, the frames, damien rice

    good trad bands i remember: solas, bothy band

    irish bands i'm related to (shamefully): foster and allen

  3. Ah! I'm outrageously embarrassed I didn't come to you earlier… Why I didn't… I have no idea.

    I am not too quick on the uptake. I also owe you a scrabble move.

  4. Collie is a good Irish MC.
    Plus, you've got to have a song from The Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem.
    Can't wait to hear the show.

  5. Ben Wilkiesmith Avatar
    Ben Wilkiesmith

    Hey guys, Ben here from New Zealand! Can I suggest Foy Vance? He does an awesome cover of Billie Jean.


  6. sin sentido Avatar
    sin sentido


  7. so.. after halloween is before christmas or after new years?

    i´ll wait patiently.. i guess…

  8. Get crackin Funtime!

  9. shouldnt you be horribly cliché and wait until st. patricks day for the irish music podcast?

    unless… thats what you meant by after halloween *shivers at the thought*

  10. Why dont you put some stand-up stuff from Eddie Murphy! He is what the irish call the "Black irish" on account of his dark hair. He is irish american, does that count?

  11. Shane McAllister Avatar
    Shane McAllister

    Alright Mister Halloween turned Easter! Haha! Na, it's all good. St. Pat's day it is.