We are recording Tomorrow

Josiah went on holiday. So he’s all rested and whatnot, but it means that he can’t take any days off to record with me and my schedule is so packed that I haven’t had a chance to record either. The good news is he’s dropping by tomorrow evening to record a batch of shows here in the studio. If we’re all lucky, he may bring enough beer for all of us.


Ben's Friend Beer


3 responses to “We are recording Tomorrow”

  1. n3rdXcore Avatar

    i cannot wait for more drunken podcast fun. you frackers need to record a 8 hour long one!

  2. The show is in the can, now all I got to do is find some music.

    Holly crap I got to find a lot of music.

    Oh and the next show is all about racism for those who want to prepare their hate letters.

    Intolerance will not be tolerated… Unless you tolerate that kind of intolerance… then you are intolerant but tolerant of your intolerance.

    Wait what was I talking about?

  3. Miserable in FL Avatar
    Miserable in FL

    The other day while I was watching my podcasts update early in the morning I double checked at the bottom of the list to see if TUTT had been updated, as I often do. At that time I noticed that neither you or the WHYME folks have done much with your respective 'casts since your recent collaboration.

    This got me wondering…. what if aliens came to earth and stole the kind folks that put out two of my favorite podcasts. Fortunately your last post put my mind at ease. You're obviously alive and enjoying late spring in NY… OR… the aliens forced you to pose for a photo while sipping a beer in front of a fake earth backdrop photo.

    Looking forward to the new show! Check you later.