TUTT: Racial Awareness Day

Hey it only took me 4 days, but here is the next installment of your favorite podcast. While I wish I could say we got the racial epithets out of our system… we haven’t… I have no idea where it comes from, but josiah and I have issues

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As promised here are all the links to the songs. Thank you for listening, hope you enjoyed the show.

Link of the Day

Played on the Show

  1. This Thyme by Pete and the Pirates
  2. What’s Inside Of Me? by The Starlight Mints
  3. Shake off Your Nerve by The Recoys (yes and that is the lead singer of the Walkmen)
  4. Here Cometh by Tap Tap
  5. Blood & Peanut Butter by BC Camplight
  6. Suzanne by The Battles
  7. Mount Wroclai (Idle Days) by Beirut


12 responses to “TUTT: Racial Awareness Day”

  1. hey guys, can you keep the humor down just a tad? i'm getting in trouble at work – this is definitely gonna come up in my performance review. musical selections for this episode were especially fine, & strangely familiar. i also didn't know that john lennon's new band was called the Battles.

  2. ben – when you drink on the radio, it makes me want to drink beer so BAD! it's kind of like when you see people eating in the movies, they make certain things look better than they really are. some of those examples would be:

    1. chocodiles (movie: summer school)
    2. oatmeal creme pies (movie: honey i shrunk the kids)

    i know there are way more but i can't focus because i'm thinking about drinking beer.

    you know i'm right.

  3. I'm trying to focus, but am too busy thinking about beer.

  4. did someone say beer?

  5. Again difficult to focus.

  6. Amanda Avatar

    so on the topic of broken ipods… i feel your pain, i'm on my 4th one…
    although i got a much better deal than you, i bought a 20g ipod (when they cost $499) through circuit city, and when it broke they don't replace it, they just give you the money back. so i have upgraded from a 20gb color to a 60gb video, all through circuit city's warrantly plan.

    but yeah, i love your show and listen when i garden (but not in the winter, then i just listen inside).

  7. Josiah's iPod just broke last week and he is pretty steamed!

  8. umm…the Nin Jew? Geez, why couldn't I have trouble downloading this show.

  9. Just Josiah Avatar
    Just Josiah

    Yeah…there's probably a reason why my ipod died after THIS show, of all shows.

  10. I think it is called you are going to HELL.


    P.S. I just spent $159.99 to get my ipod fixed for this show!

  11. Just Josiah Avatar
    Just Josiah

    Wow….Amy even changed her NAME! I'm peeing. I'M PEEING!!!!