New Show Commeth

Very sooneth.

5 replies on “New Show Commeth”

Impeccable timing, Sir Ben! Impeccable timing!

I was just coming here this morning to rattle your cage — to ruffle your feathers — to tell you to wake up! Why do I keep repeating myself — in such a strange way — over and over?!?!

I"m looking forward to the new show! My podcasting pallette is always a little dull without some freshly squeezed Tracks Up The Tree!

How many exclamation points can one person use in a post? I need helpeth.

Oh how my heart doth leapeth at the thine promise of a new show!

I just had to join in, even though the "eth" thing hath been done to death.

Great to hear another one is on the way, I almost had to go looking for some new music all on my own and that just wouldn't be up to the same quality…

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