Oh and did you notice…

I’m more talkative?

Well, truth be told, I am getting over a terrible cold/flu so my mind is aflutter with things to say, while my nose is snuffled. Don’t worry Josiah, the cold is over and anyway I wasn’t planning on kissing you.

Really excited about tonight’s podcast! Diane might even stop by for a spell which would make for the perfect kick off to 2006.

Oh and before I forget, did you see the new podcast features in iLife?! Wow! Looks like I might have to upgrade my set-up once more.

(Did I just say aflutter?)


One response to “Oh and did you notice…”

  1. Hey guys, just listened to your new years show and wanted to tell you that you have at least 1 other listner in North Carolina besides your mom. I'm from Mount Airy, NC, a very small town about 3 hours away from Raleigh.

    Anyway, I love your show, I've been listening since around September. You guys always play the coolest music. I actually heard Black Mountain for the first time on your show and they're one of my favorite bands now..yay!

    Thanks for the show!