Oh and did you notice…

I’m more talkative?

Well, truth be told, I am getting over a terrible cold/flu so my mind is aflutter with things to say, while my nose is snuffled. Don’t worry Josiah, the cold is over and anyway I wasn’t planning on kissing you.

Really excited about tonight’s podcast! Diane might even stop by for a spell which would make for the perfect kick off to 2006.

Oh and before I forget, did you see the new podcast features in iLife?! Wow! Looks like I might have to upgrade my set-up once more.

(Did I just say aflutter?)

One reply on “Oh and did you notice…”

Hey guys, just listened to your new years show and wanted to tell you that you have at least 1 other listner in North Carolina besides your mom. I'm from Mount Airy, NC, a very small town about 3 hours away from Raleigh.

Anyway, I love your show, I've been listening since around September. You guys always play the coolest music. I actually heard Black Mountain for the first time on your show and they're one of my favorite bands now..yay!

Thanks for the show!


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