Morning Diary

Dear Diary,

It’s over. The job that wouldn’t go away has gone and the good news is it was a huge success. It cost me hours of sleep and took a few days off my life, but it’s finally done.

Okay, now where was I? Tracks Up the Tree.

Tracks has been taking a little sabbatical as I struggle with the overwhelming pressures of work, but I finally feel like I might have a chunk of time coming up to record a show!


I haven’t talked to Josiah for almost a month and it totally sucks, but with a little ingenuity we might get a show up for next week… almost a month after our last show?! We can’t do that again, but then again it was our one year show, so I guess we did deserve a vacation.

In other words we are nearing showtime again, just keep your iPods tuned!


5 responses to “Morning Diary”

  1. JEAN-FRANÃ&Da Avatar

    You deserve some rest Benny and so does Jo from dealing w punks like Woody Allen and his adopted child-cum-wife. There is no pun intended with the cum word however if you feel like it you can take it that way. I am looking forward to your next show and will keep turning my buddies onto your casts. Just keep up the gentlemanliness and don't fall in

    for the humor bit; that is too easy and people need more earnest people like you! These are serious times we live in and the less we deviate from the problems at hand; i.e; (entertainment) the more fulfilled the glory of god and its messengers (us) will be.

    Keep on truckin' JFK

  2. Ahhh you're still alive!! Well I'm sure you hard work has/will pay off… Lets hear some more Funtime Ben music.. and Funtime Diane… yeah Josiah is ok too…ahhaha.. Some Rock n Roll would be super cool yo! Like Francis i'm ready for the next show! Rock on!


  3. Jos and I will be getting together on Saturday, so ready your iTunes and get ready to rumble.

  4. Rumble or Tumble?

    love in a new year of podcasting.

    maybe mikey over at the loft will crack out a fresh cast?

    wouldn't that be nice?

    wouldn't it now?

  5. What a relief to hear a new show will be coming out soon. I was just looking at my smartplaylist that shows me new podcasts for today, as well as 1, 2 and three weeks out, and your show NEVER pops up in to those playlists anymore. Boo Hooo…

    Enjoy your time recording the show this weekend. I'm sure it's just fun to have a friend over and work on a project together. As I can only imagine, the fun in podcasting has to come from performing/recording the show. I'd love to create a show, but I'm still digging through the caverns of my brain to find an idea that someone else isn't already doing MUCH better than I am prepared to do.

    An old friend and I always wanted to create a pirate radio station. Then when streaming audio became for feasible, we directed our interests to that. Unfortunately it can get expensive to operate when you're streaming a decent quality show and your listeners get in to the hundreds or thousands. At least with Podcasts the traffic is bursty because people can listen to it whenever they want, and it doesn't have to transfer at a steady rate because they're not listening to it live.

    This old friend of mine would be a perfect person to do a podcast with. We both have similar, but often contrasting musical tastes, so I know we could both bring something unique to the show, but there's so many stinkin' music podcasts out there that I almost don't want to do it because I know it would take a lot of work to find music that other people aren't already showcasing.

    We're both heavily involved in technology with our careers, so I guess there could be a slant there, but there's already the Rock and Roll Geek Show… ARGH! Maybe a Pirate show, where we talk like pirates and call it Pirate-Cast. We could even pay tribute to the Flying Spaghetti Monster in each show. Whoah… maybe since we're both very politically minded that would be a good approach. We could talk about the things that interest me MOST in this world. Music, Politics, and Art. Think Jon Stewart co-hosting Tracks Up The Tree, but with pirate garb and accents to boot. We could share time between music, art politics, philosophy. I could have guest speakers from my diverse group of friends and family. I think I'm either losing it here or I'm really on to something…. someone stop me!

    I work at an ISP/Phone company, and I think I want to bring my own server in to colocate it. I already have a site for my whole family that gives all my brothers and sisters, aunts, uncles, etc a blog, photo, album, etc, all pulled together in a very community-based system. It's based on <a>Drupal, and we have a large family. Lately I've been thinking of letting all of them host podcasts (audio or video) and include some tutorials for everyone.

    Thanks to your show, and a couple shows kind of like it, I've found some really great new music that I otherwise may not have heard of all the way down here in Fort Misery, FL. I can't shake Wolf Parade, Clap Your Hands and Say Yeah, and Robot Ate Me from my head. Their songs keep playing through my mind over and over. WAIT! It could be that I'm always listening to them on my iPod. That would explain how the music seems to come from nowhere wouldn't it? Yes, it would. Who just said that? I have to go, they're coming!

    Well get back to work and make a show! We're all dying here.

    Seriously though.. thanks for all your time and dedication. We all know how that pesky Real-World can get in the way when we really want to spend our time working on things that mean the most to us. I think I can collectively say that we all appreciate your work on Tracks Up The Tree.