Dear iTunes, We Forgive You… for Now

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So, it looks like the quality control over at iTunes has finally learned from their most egregious of errors and has included Tracks Up the Tree into their music store. (Thanks Seth for the heads up)

Of course it did take submitting the site through 3 different names to get in, ultimately through my LibSyn account, but I won’t tell them if you wont.

I’m kind of thinking that they will bounce us after a few days once they realize who exactly they have added, but we’ll burn that bridge when we get to it. The next podcast is a little behind schedule due to more work bullshit, but we hope to be back soon for another two parter.

Thanks for all of you who tuned into our anniversary show, you guys have made this show possible and we hope to be around a lot longer – iTunes or not.


7 responses to “Dear iTunes, We Forgive You… for Now”

  1. They won’t remove you.

    I mean, you aren’t a sex podcast are you? ZING! ZING!
    Actually, Josiah might qualify as sexiest side kick ever…
    wouldn’t that be funny that if you guys had a picture of
    you driving a motorcycle and josiah & diane in the sidecar!
    DUDE! That would be some brilliant promotional photos, you can
    pitch that idea next time SPIN comes along and does a TUTT expose!

  2. Your description seems to broken, it just says “storage for PodCasts”. Maybe that’s what you wanted though – I can’t understand you kids and your hip lingo.

  3. Jup, I was wondering when the next podcast was due, my ipod and me miss you.

    I've also had a hard time adding a workrelated podcast, I've actually given up. I believe the reason is that it is to large, to many posts. Sigh. If there was any kind of feedback or support I would be OK with it, but it's like hitting your head on a brick wall trying to get in touch with apple.

  4. JEAN-FRANÃ&Da Avatar

    Hey podcats! How about you clone your faces and give us another installment of your

    rheingold-besotten banter and tuney-tunes???

  5. What seems to be the problem with iTunes? Do you have ANY idea as to why they keep removing the show?

    I'd love to see the show listed there. I want to subscribe to the show, but I'm scared to ONLY subscribe through iTunes because I don't know if the show will stay there very long. Alas, I keep the show subscribed through your link, as well as through the iTMS entry in the podcast directory.

    I do think it would help to get the descriptions, etc correct, so there's no doubt that this is a reputable podcast. You have to put on an act to throw them off the trail of Josiah. If they catch on to the fact that he's a pimp, selling sex through their music store, they'll surely remove the show again.

    Keep that on the down-low, yo.

  6. JEAN-FRANÃ&Da Avatar

    S'up wid you guides, didjyouse get down with a case of the avian flu?

  7. Ummmmmmmmmm…

    Even if they remove TUTT from the iTunes Directory

    you should still be subscribed to the feed.

    Is everyone drinking crazy sauce around here?

    You still seem to be listed as far as I can tell.

    I don't believe they have ever removed you.

    They just didn't add you until recently.

    Well here is to hoping Ben isn't becoming Burnt Out!

    We love you in Philadelphia.

    Seth and Family!