‘Arrested Development’ gets the ax – ‘Arrested Development’ gets the ax – Nov 11, 2005


FOX are all morons.

I can’t believe that the only originally funny television show on television yet Everybody loves Raymond went for 6 f-ing seasons?! I’m not sure what hurt more loosing the election to GW or this.

Does anybody know someone at HBO who will grab this show up?

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9 responses to “ ‘Arrested Development’ gets the ax”

  1. well, that’s just stupid.

  2. man, arrested development’s like your favorite family pet that was so loyal & that you loved so much but that got hit by a car and had to drag its lame leg around, then went blind in one eye, then went deaf, then got cancer, but it still wags its tail when you pet it. until now. sob.

  3. i almost cried. i’ve been watching season 2 with jon. it’s priceless.
    you think they would have learned their lesson with family guy. ugh

  4. This is a total mistake on the part of FOX. I love the show, but it took me two seasons to discover it. They have to give perpetual people like me who are behind the curve time to discover these things if they're not going to market it aggressively. I kept seeing it win on award shows, that's what aroused my interest.

  5. this is a joke–an atrocity–I had such high hopes that this season would be the one for AD–they should wait and see after they have actually run a few episodes without breaks!!! damnit

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  7. Man, the links didn't work. I fail at HTML

    Their site:


  8. I don’t know if you frequent MySpace, & who knows if this’ll have any effect, but it’s fun anyway. Check out how many AD Fans are showing their grief.

    I made my own on my profile. Takes a moment to load.