TUTT: We Damn Thee Coors Light Pt.2

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The second installment of the We Damn Thee Coors Light podcast where we dump the light beer in exchange of Rum… Bacardi Gold! Makes you pee…

  1. Rewind by Goldspot
  2. Blood and Marrow by Amandine via Panda’s Hideout
  3. In the Union of Wine by The Hidden Cameras
  4. Crack the Whip by The Spinto Band
  5. I Believe in a Thing Called Love by Edison originally written by The Darkness

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8 responses to “TUTT: We Damn Thee Coors Light Pt.2”

  1. Just Josiah Avatar
    Just Josiah

    Ha ha. We got one of those EXPLICIT logos next to our show name on iTunes. Sorry Benny. It's all my fault. But the kids love it.

  2. PS – Where is the so-called show notes link? ;-)

  3. whoaaaaa…that can’t have been a shout-out to me….that’s like eating breakfast and seeing my own missing-person face on a milk carton….or going to the grocery store and seeing a WANTED sign up w/ my face on it…except waaaay better! cuz i’m blushing, not missing or criminal! yeah!

    anything for you, buddies. anything. tell me where, tell me when. i’ll go there now.

    and boys, this was an especially fine, fine episode. people have told me i look like a female version of Data, but i usually punch ’em in the neck.

  4. Duderrssss,

    Many thanks for the love.
    It is returned many drunken times over.
    I am dying to meet Josiah.
    Much love, oh! and that miserable in FL person should have a blog.
    and Jasmine is as hot as everyone thinks!
    She has mad music knowledge and lets all of her peeps
    know where the new exciting bands are coming from.


  5. I think you guys are funnier lite, or my life is just so boring that I’ll find anything funny which is probably why I will watch the bird thingy and love it. Great show, loved the music, blah, blah, blah…



  6. hey guys,

    i heard the show for the first time the other night and i really like it. it’s just a little sad that i find out more about my brother through the podcast than i would otherwise. ha!
    see you soon.


  7. heyya guys!
    the bird part totally cracked me up! thanks for the laughs and music!
    hope to catch u guys soon

  8. Emmy is Josiah’s sister for those playing along at home… My sister is Amy is not cool enough to leave comments on the site.