Work, Work, Yada-yada

Work is crazy, but the good news is Josiah and I are planning something for our one year anniversary show on October 8th show! What it is? Even we’re not sure.

_We have tons to talk about._


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  1. Is that you saying work work? And Diane saying Yada-Yada?

    We miss you guys!

  2. I've been eagerly awaiting your next recording. Each morning when I sit down at my beautiful Mac the first thing I do is check to see which podcasters released new shows. Unfortunately yours seems to be stuck on 9/16. I was going to email or post, just to ask "What's up with that, yo?" Occasionally I'll manually tell iTunes to update Tracks Up the Tree, just to see if it was missed in the automagic update.

    I suppose I can stop trying to update until after the 8th now. Thanks for the info. I've been forced to listen to lots of other great podcasts while waiting for your return. As much as I enjoy many other podcasts, I have to admit that nothing has spoken to my own musical taste quite as much as your show has. For that, I'd like to thank you for doing this show.

    I've already purchased some music from a couple bands I heard on your show. I seem to be more apt to do so if I can find the music available for purchase online, but that isn't always the case. The town I live in, although it's growing very rapidly, has very poor music selections. In fact, for the most part, there's only one or two alternatives to Best Buy style chains. This makes it very hard to find decent independent music. I have the same problem with finding some of the music I read about in "Filter" and "Signal to Noise" magazines, as well as many other magazines and blogs. There is one local independent music store in mind that I suppose I should give recognize. I better give shout outs to them: "Silver Platter in Fort Myers, FL! What's up, yo? You rizock! Side question to you, as if you were reading this: When are the Strip Club Moms putting out a new album?"

    I wasn't asking you guys when the Strip Club Moms are putting out a new album. That was directed towards the Silver Platter, through my shout out. Hopefully you're versed well enough in the new fangled lingo the kids use these days that you know what I meant by shout out. If not, the urban dictionary can help you in this important matter: <a href="; rel="nofollow">

    Maybe I should send you some local music from this area that I think might fit in to your shows style. If I do, I'll make sure they have an online presence, with some music available for listening/downloading. I would understand if they don't get played. I would also understand if you played them, and never aired them on the radio. Do you see what I did there? If you played them, then you dissed them. Whoah… all these terms… so confusing. If I confused you, then please, I suggest seeking help from the urbandictionary.

    Well I suppose I should stop writing. Who the hell has time to read this kind of crap anyway?! Keep up the good work, and get back to working on Up the Tree ASAMFP :)



    Additional shout outs go to (but are not limited to): Fun Time Ben and his trusty side-kick, Josiah! Me Moms and Dads for making this all possible, and The Lord Jesus Christ for dying for our sins." Wait, I'm Jewsish. What's up with that, yo?! He died for your sins! Whoah. Complicated stuff I tell you. Alright, enough blasphemy for one post.

  3. I also wish that another TUTT would come out.

    Everyday I wake up 6am and run to my computer like a giddy little

    school girl, but alas my heart saddens when I see that the "slacker"

    who runs Up the Tree hasn't posted one of Ben's new shows. It hurts

    me, a pain so deep. I also have tried to listen to other podcasts, but

    nothing compares…NOTHING COMPARES…TO YOU! Your musical selections

    are superb. Your banter is like mana sent from Heaven. Your guest host

    Josiah never stops turning me on. His sailor mouth, his rapier wit, and

    his general lack of respect for anyone over 35 just works so well.

    Not since NASA Janet have I loved a sidekick so much.*

    Maybe someday I will have the BALLZ to create, edit, and distribute my

    own music podcast. It obviously wouldn't be as good, but I would try

    to salute you. Also, I consider you the inventor of the Indie Music Podcast.*

    Much Love,


    * – only true statements in this comment.

  4. JEAN-FRANÃ&Da Avatar

    Every morning I sit at my Mac too and I throw out all the viagra spam out of my system and then i check if you guides ain't posted yet! The previous post goes a long way in illustrating how the girdles go for you guides, i.e; Josiah! Ben, get together with funtime Diane and hatch sum'in willya? Just until Jo comes back. Diane does a good show too.

    Have a funtime weekend from your dedicated listener. JFK Montreal

  5. Dear sweet, sweet, misguided people… how I miss you all, the good news is Josiah and I recorded a show last night for our one year anniversary show this Saturday. I pact full of curses, insults, too much drinking, and lots of references to puking.

    I am adding in some flashbacks to early episodes hence the saturday upload time, and we ran short of music 4 minutes in, but it's a very funny episode and hope it will make up for my continued silence here on TUTT!

  6. I second the lauding above. Other stuff is good, but not the same. Can't touch this.


  7. JEAN-FRANÃ&Da Avatar

    Nuddin beats youse! JFK

  8. Doood it's been 1 year already?

    Oh how time flies, does that mean we are older now too.

    I miss being within mere subway stops of you and diane, life is much different out here on the 'west siiide.' Although, different meaning different, not better, not worse, different.

    Hope all is well, and I can't wait to hear your Aniversary show!!!! Congratulations!

  9. Just Josiah Avatar
    Just Josiah

    My God. You all are awesome! It's nice to be loved, Benny! We gotta do more shows more often. Peeps be having withdrawls an shit!