☠ Avast Ye Nubbers, It Be Talk Like a Pirate Day ☠

Arrrr, I wonder how annoyin’ this will get by th’ end o’ th’ day? For all ye WordPress users there is a handy dandy plugin that will convert all yer entries t’ pirate talk without any flubbin’ o’ yer content. To download this plugin set sail yer browsers t’ WordPress Plugin website.

You scalawags will have t’ download two files – one (and most important) is th’ tfs-core.php file which puts all th’ pieces in place and tfs-pirate.php which will start up yer blog pirate style. Just pop both in yer plugin folder and hit activate.

Shiver me timbers tis a hoot!

7 replies on “☠ Avast Ye Nubbers, It Be Talk Like a Pirate Day ☠”

Just want to test this thing out. You're saying that whatever I type this program will translate into pirate talk. Isn't that fun. Goodtimes. And now I'm sick of it and this program can suck it.

C'm'on you guides, s'matta wid youse? Josiah, ged your crab togedda an' go do the show. 'S

plenny of other guides and girdles waiding for an udder installment!!!! I keep lookin' for an udder and it ain't come out just yet, S'madda? JFK

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