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Editors – Back Room

Editors Editors
The Back Room
:2 Stars:
Kitchenware 2005

Eh? Who the hell are the Editors you might be asking. Well if moody rock were wheat production in the midwest, these guys would be connecticut. They are not particularly memorable and I kind of get the feeling this band is England’s attempt to show ownership of the sound Interpol stole away. Their lyrics are trite and poppy without much substance and seem to land fairly flatly against the Killers influenced pop rock beats.

Unfortunately, the band just doesn’t do anything for me. I tried, but nothing connected with me; not the beats, not the vocals, not the lyrics, not the personality, not the tone, not even the production.

I liked this band better when it was called Interpol.


but you don’t Have to take my word for it.

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"I liked this band better when it was called Interpol". Well I liked Interpol better when it was called Bauhaus… the truth?… well maybe I like Interpol better afterall, 'cause they're more upbeat…

I preferred Interpol when they were Joy Division…to be exact, when they were beaten to near death with rusty pipes and steel toe DMs by members of Joy Division.

Miserable feckers….I hate Interpol with a vengeance…if you're gonna copy DO IT RIGHT. Preferably by hanging yourself, Carlos and not trying to look like a bad Third Reich homework project. GRR.

Editors are slightly suss – the name is because several of them are editors of music magazines in the UK, including NME. So I automatically ignore them as a meeja wank-fantasy fest. The only journo I know of that did good musically was Neil Tennant…rest are wannabeez.

Cue 'IPC Sub Editors Dictate Our Youth!' – well maybe not any more.

dunno what this thing is about sounding like joy division… like someone said it once and now it's just lets all repeat it like we know our music … to be exact, exact nothing.

have none of you heard bauhaus?

and you don't think the similarity of sound is a little more obvious than down-in-the-dumps joyless division?

interpol give a great sound and good lyric

love' em

I've always regarded the link between Bauhaus and Interpol as weak one. There's a much tighter link between JD and the 'Pol. That Editors review was HARSH. I'm seeing them here in London next week and I'm very much looking forward to it.


you guys and all bloggers are losers. this band straight up rocks the cock out of your block. suck it if you can't hear something new for what it is. and blog away – oh how self important we have all become. "when you google "blog editors back room" I am the third listing! Oh, I must have finally arrived! get a life away from your stupid computer and actually LISTEN to some music.

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