TUTT: It’s Getting Hot in Here

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IT’S ANOTHER FULL SHOW!!! Although I’m too tired to write full show notes – I will write them today I swear.

p(update). I just wanted to apologize to Jessica for calling her “Seth’s Wife.” She is her own woman and is not only part of the podcast community but also has the best voice in podcasting. Sorry for not calling you by your name… but I was kinda’ drunk. Congrats on the rug rats you crazy kids.

h4. Played on Today’s Show

# Clap Your Hands Say Yeah! – Clap Your Hands Say Yeah!
# Little Wounds – Herman Dune – Not On Top
# Hope There’s Someone – Antony & the Johnsons – I Am A Bird Now
# Change Clothes – Danger Mouse – The Grey Album
# Mapped and Coursed – All Combinations – Ghosts
# Wrong Lens Wrong Film – Tiger Bear Wolf – Tiger Bear Wolf

h4. Mentioned on Today’s Show

* “Celebrate Brooklyn”:http://www.brooklynx.org/celebrate/schedule.asp and the get together on Saturday, June 25 – 7:30PM – New Pornographers / Stars / The Sadies


9 responses to “TUTT: It’s Getting Hot in Here”

  1. Yo Benji, thanks for the danger mouse I deffinitely needed it after the..wtf Antony& the Johnsons??…arg! Although the bar ‘the Johnsons’ on essex and..umm a block up from delancy has 2 dolla PBRs, which is good stuff as well! See you on the 25th.

  2. Great show, guys. I discovered Up the Tree shortly after the last show, and since then I’ve downloaded all the available podcasts. Any chance of the older ones being available again in the future?

    Speaking as a resident of the isles, there are few things odder than hearing someone say ‘feck’ without an Irish accent. I really can’t see Josiah cleaning up, though. Due to his unbridled WACKINESS, I suppose.

    Good show- Already looking forward to the next one.

  3. I thought the Antony & the Johnsons was cool. Don't be afraid to play shit that different. Your show is always fun to listen to. Thanks.

  4. I sure will be adding my older podcasts, in fact check back later this week for some recasts. Listners have requested a recast, but I’ve been too busy. I will recast show 1 this week… so stay tuned.

    As a devout follower of _Father Ted_ I can’t stop using “feck.”

    *Feck off cup*

  5. Holy crap, I think I died after your bit about Beethoven. Fuckin' hilarious.

  6. Re: 6/25, Prospect Park Bandshell.

    At first I thought I was gonna be able to go, then I thought I wouldn’t, then I thought I would, then I thought I definitely wouldn’t, and now I can! Woohoo!

  7. Cool, look forward to seeing you there!

  8. Jessica Avatar

    STOP! Antony & the Johnsons needs no apology!
    Of course I’m trying to get caught up on what I missed in the wake of the big heave-ho. You and Josiah are hilarious and oh-so-much-more feminist than I, apparently. No apologies needed! As stupid as the word sounds, a wife I am and better for it. (The blue-ish box passage on your website was very nice, though–thanks.)

    I hope we see you this Saturday! BROOKLYN!

  9. Jasmine Avatar

    ben ben ben…i should've known you'd've hopped on the clap your hands say yeah bandwagon easily a week before me. jesus christ, that yellow teeth song is so f'ing great. i blasted it on the drive in to work this morning over the bridge with the sun all glarey-perfect, and i was really, truly happy.