Ligers, Tigons, and Bears. Oh my!

!<(photo)!: I thought that this link is so vastly important, that I couldn't relegate it to the sidebar. It turns out that the world of _Napoleon Dynamite_ is real and that we have all been living a lie! I give thee the "liger.": a real life cross between a male lion and a female tiger. Of course if that doesn't stir your fancy, maybe you're more of a "tigon": sort of person. A tigon is of course the a cross between a male tiger and a female lion. All these pale in comparison to the final output of these majestic animals which are called _ti-tigons, ti-ligers, or li-ligers._ Or if they really get jiggy, _ti-li-tigons_ or _li-ti-ligers._ These of course all bring up the age old question... what is a tigger? *Oh bother.*


5 responses to “Ligers, Tigons, and Bears. Oh my!”

  1. Funtime Diane Avatar
    Funtime Diane

    Tiggers bounce!

  2. What you didn’t mention is that this thing is roughly a thousand pounds in weight. It’s the size of a bus and a mildly terrifying concept!

  3. besides uber-cool stripes! =)

  4. ligers… do they have anything their parents don”t???

  5. Sheah! They’ve got sweet num-chuck skills!