NASA Creates Robotic Penis

This is for everybody who thinks that George W. Bush doesn’t spend enough time of sex education. Apparently NASA has had a secret project to create the worlds first robo-dong. JFK had nothing on this.

Unfortunately, this webpage on the project sheds little light on what the hell is happening in the highly suggestive video.

The ballerina gracefully dances on a small stage. She is followed not by a male partner, but by a robotic arm manipulator that seems to sense her every move. For Goddard technologist Vladimir Lumelsky, the performance captured on the videotape neatly shows the future of robotics.

So is *that* what our tax dollars pay for?!


One response to “NASA Creates Robotic Penis”

  1. Jersey Joe Vatalaro Avatar
    Jersey Joe Vatalaro

    This is obviously in preparation for sending the first all female crew into space. If they turn out to be lezbos, it’s just more wasted tax payers money. Wait til I till Rush about this!