First Real Writing Gig

!(photo left) Arts)!: Well all this weblog nonsense has finally paid off as I have gotten my first real writing gig with “Communication Arts.”: I will be co-writing the article with the Design Issues Editor “DK Holland,”: which is great as I really need some help from a professional.

The article will be a 6 page look into the world of professional design weblogs and photoblogs and their effect on… well I haven’t written that bit yet, but I’ll be sure to link to the article once it’s published. It’s good, because I was looking for something to take up that one minute of free-time I had at the end of the week.

I feel much better now that I know I will only have the time in the shower to myself.

7 replies on “First Real Writing Gig”

Congrats. that rocks. Pretty big-time name for your first gig, eh?

So you gonna sell out now? :)


Don't know if you know, but tracks is one of the very first things to come up on the Odeo music tag. You may expect increased numbers soon…

Thanks for the heads up andy!

Does the good news ever stop!? I’m just waiting for my Dr. to tell me I have one week to live. Then I would feel at ease!

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