F Derailment

It seemed that no matter how I tried yesterday, I could not get to work on time. Memorial weekend passed and I stumbled to the F train as usual. I first noticed something strange as well dressed women in polite work wear began exiting my station. This, while commonplace after 5, was unusual for 8:20 in the morning.

!(photo)https://www.upthetree.com/wp-uploads/IMG_2635.jpg(F train entrance)!

“It’s not running” one woman exclaimed while walking passed me.

Unfortunately where I live in Brooklyn, near Park Slope, is almost completely inaccessible without the F train’s help. A young man approached me flummoxed. “Well how do we get to Manhattan from here?” _here_ meaning the middle of nowhere. I calmly explained to the young man that the bus was probably his best bet and he thanked my suggestion and walked away bewildered.

It took a brisk one and a half mile walk to reach the R train on 4th street to get to work at all, as the bus had been converted into a shuttle which was continuously full of angry commuters from stations further away from Manhattan than mine.

Apparently a service train derailed causing the huge delays and my unexpected workout.


3 responses to “F Derailment”

  1. Only you and I, my dear, will get that comment… for all of the kids out there who don't get it one of diane's coworker's son's dressed up like the B69 on holloween. The B69 is a bus.

  2. Funtime Diane Avatar
    Funtime Diane

    Remember that year when Pepper dressed up like a derailed train?

  3. Funtime Diane Avatar
    Funtime Diane

    And a family friend dressed up as the bus stop.