…Unlike Son

My father is not of the web generation. He is a 65 year-old architect turned graphic designer who couldn’t give a flying flock about weblogs, but now has a corporate journal thanks to my pushing. Part of having a journal is commenting on weblogs which you find interesting, but that can bring up problems you may not have anticipated.

“It’s SO SMALL! How can you read that? That’s ridiculous!”

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“Dad it’s a comment box, just write a comment.”

“I can’t just write a comment in that small little space,” he pleads to me “I can’t see it! I’ll copy and paste it into an Indesign document and paste it back when I’m done.”

“It’s just a comment dad, just write something… anything!”

40 minutes passes a he studiously refines what is to be the comment to end all comments. A profound, engaging recourse with the weblog community in which he shall connect with the webloggers.

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“Okay, hows this look?” He asks.

“Fine.” I say not really paying any attention.

“is it too negative?”

“Maybe the ‘vomit out type’ bit’s a little strong, but it’s fine.”

“Yeah, that seemed a little much to me too.”


One response to “…Unlike Son”

  1. hehe…

    Count your blessings. At least he’s making a practical (and common) complaint. My mom, who is in her early 70s, will be moving in with me soon. The other day she said to me, “Yeah… and you can teach me the internet.”

    BTW, is he Roger? The doughboy post is hysterical.