Video Time

As it’s Tuesday and no Podcast is particularly forthcoming, I thought that I should post something to distract you from that fact… although writing about it really doesn’t help. The following shorts should push you through the Tuesday hump.

!(left photo) ninja)!: Let me first preface this video by saying that in no way should this demonstration in any way be misconstrued that this guy doesn’t have numchuck skills. We just question his backflip skills.

“Afro Ninja”: (via “guboogi”:

And then…

!(left photo) ninja)!: This guy is my new hero. From today on I will be growing a big bad ass mustache and hanging out with all the hottie indian chicks I can find. Yeah, and I’m going to find a place to make me some rocking frilly chaps too.

“Apache”: (via “Stereogum”:

Strangely this weeks Vinyl Podcast also features the song “Apache”: for this weeks song.

!(left photo) We Stand)!: Over the weekend, Diane and I entertained our friends from London and during a conversation over a few beers we used the word _gayblade._ We tried over and over to try and describe what gayblade is, until we finally settled on something that is _over the top unintentionally._ This video will further drive home that definition.

“USA Dude”: (via “Stereogum”:


5 responses to “Video Time”

  1. I didn’t get any sound on the apache video. I downloaded it via iPodder.
    I kept expecting them to have an orgy…

  2. Oh, the audio is pretty classic stuff. I wonder why it didn’t come through iPodder. Strange.

  3. No Shirt. No Shoes. No Podcast. No Dice.

  4. We must all have moostaches and chaps forthwith!

  5. I’ve watched each at least 15 times since last night. Hilarious. I can’t believe how funny these are – each in their own way.