Podcasting’s New Spokes-bimbo

!(photo left)https://www.upthetree.com/wp-uploads/parispcast.jpg(Paris Hilton Podcast)!:http://houseofwaxmovie.warnerbros.com/podcast.html Because who better to speak for the audio dorks of the world then Paris Hilton? I could say a lot of nasty things about this, but I’m sure the hilarious Paris Hilton House of Wax Podcast will do an adequate job for me when it airs in late April… I can only imagine the editing nightmare of that show. Maybe Paris, and the misguided marketing efforts of Warner Brothers Inc., are unaware that Paris is only entertaining when “scantily clad”:http://images.google.com/images?q=paris+hilton&safe=off and has a voice like an underaged helium salesman.

_Oh Paris, if I thought you were doing this for any noble reason I might not insult you so – but I have an inkling that you have no idea what Podcasting is or what “inkling”:http://dictionary.reference.com/search?q=inkling means._


(This is, however, a very good reason for video podcast technology to pick up it’s pace.)


7 responses to “Podcasting’s New Spokes-bimbo”

  1. Podcasting is hot.

  2. Boobies don't translate well to audio format. However, bimbo-esque behavior does. This is gonna be like "The Simple Life" minus the visuals (which is the only reason people watch that show). Did you guys hear Adam Curry talk about how cute Paris Hilton is? WTF? I swear, I only listen to the Daily Source Code because I hope that, one day, he's gonna play my podcast promo.

  3. oh dear – how sad this is. Big heads are gonna take over podcasting, we’re gonna find ourself, our shows, beside this kind of crap who’s gonna take podcaster’s best ideas and try to make money out of it. Podcasting is not for everyone, definitely not for Paris Hilton. Shit, i feel real bad now..

  4. sweet. I can’t wait for this podcast. Paris while she works out and SHOPS! It will be filled with witticisms.

  5. Although I like Adam Curry a lot, he really has terrible taste. His podcast is kind of like his website – full of useful information but impossible to look at. While he’s still the ONLY podcast I still listen to from the olden days, I feel as if the love affair is ending… You can only blow my ears out so many times and this constant search for the perfect set-up is really starting to wear on us the audience.

  6. Tell me about it. My show is done just using the internal mic on my iBook G3 and while it’s not crystal clear sound, it’s certainly not bad enough that it detracts from the show. Someday, I might go out and buy an external mic. Do you use an external mic for TUTT? It sounds like you have two mics, one for you and one for Josiah.

  7. Josiah Avatar

    Two mics so I'm quiet and Ben is loud. haha. kidding. Yo benny..show this Sunday? Drop a line. Lots to talk about. Can only do it on the show (first rule of podcast…).