TUTT: Josiah Back from Sexy Prison

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The big reunion podcast with Josiah where we explore the inner workings of human behavior, especially falling asleep on the subway on your way home. Josiah updates us on his new love of… well listen to the show! What do you think this is a blog?!

*Played on today’s show*

# Banquet (A-Team Remix) – “Bloc Party”:http://www.blocparty.com/
# “Everyone Knows Everyone”:http://www.subpop.com/scripts/main/download.php?url=/downloads/free/Everyone_Knows_Everyone261.mp3&mid=261 – From Love and Distance – “Helio Sequence”:http://www.subpop.com/bands/helio/love_and_distance/
# Crazy Ribbon of Choice – “Pheugoo”:http://www.pheugoo.nl/
# Beatles Mash-up Medley – Hank Handy
# Unknown Title – Wolf Parade

*In the Cast*

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* Sleeping on the N train after a Party
* Tracks Up the Tree preliminary intro theme
* Funtime Diane has a dirty mouth
* Button Pushers
* “Radio Clash”:http://www.mutantpop.net/radioclash/
* Sex with Canadian girls



10 responses to “TUTT: Josiah Back from Sexy Prison”

  1. err….make that Subpop…not Jade Tree…

    Brain fart

  2. This was my favorite Podcast eva! You should mention me EVERY SHOW!!!!

    Oh and we have Chocolate Martini parties because we hate (or really I) dislike V-day but like Chocolate Martini's so everyone wins and gets real drunk in the process. Yay Chocolate Martini's!!! Boo Valentine's Day!!!

  3. Don't you think your files are a little too big, i mean 20 megs.

  4. You know brian, you may have a point!

  5. I'm a first time listener from London and that was a cool podcast. Loved the music – downloading that Pheugoo track to my Ipod right now. Keep up the good work!

  6. hey fellars,

    jon and i have been enjoying the podcasts a lot lately. man has that pheugoo song been stuck in my head since i first heard it. oh yeah and josiah, *speak into the mic!*

  7. Cody Sims Avatar
    Cody Sims

    Need…more…Tracks…Up The…Tree!!!


  8. Hey thanks for the mention!

    No 20Mb is not too long – it’s only too long if it drags and your show doesn’t.

    I’ve been having a discussion over at Radio Clash about this and the response surprisingly is that a 45-50 minute show isn’t too long!


    I think it depends on your content and podcasting style… but I never thought TUTT was too long – _to short sometimes!_

  9. Man this show is sodding excellent. You should podcast more often dude, me wants more


    [My Silver Mount Zion]

  10. Thanks Rob, This was definitely our strongest show yet. But there are more tricks up our sleeves.