Tracks Up the Tree

Happy Valentines Day from Tracks Up the Tree

!, Josiah, and Diane)!

From Josiah, Funtime Diane, and Funtime Ben… Will you be our Valentine?

*We HEART You*

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Holy shit. I forgot alllll about that pic…and that night. Funtimes. Funtimes. See you guys real soon!

What an energetic show! Production is kicking ass at TUTT…

So, Helio Sequence makes it's 4th podcast appearance? Nice…Been hearing them everwhere since Jade Tree became all warm and cozy to Podcasting…

Keep rockin;
jason/insomnia radio

I love TUTT! Sorry it took so long to mention but I have been listening to the show now for three weeks AND- I got a whole bunch o-too-cool-for-school williamsburgers to listen and they love ya Benny! But I have to say in thinking about it- yup, sometimes I push the button at the elevator- =( I'm sorry-its a tick. xoxoxoxoxo

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