TUTTWHYME: The Gates with Seth and Jessica

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The first Podcast Mash-up, where we take _Tracks Up the Tree_ and mix it with equal parts The Worst Music You’ve Ever Heard. Seth, Jessica, and their daughter Margaret visited us for the first time from Philadelphia to see what all the buzz was about Criso’s Gates project. It’s another PodCast that strays from our usual format, but that’s what podcasts are all about – experimenting.

*Played on today’s show*

# Princeton Junction – “Natural History”:http://www.thenaturalhistory.com/
# Albo e Torenzo – “Le Magicien”:http://magic.paintthesky.org/
# Endless Shovel – “Rogue Wave”:http://www.roguewavemusic.com/
# Kenzo – High Soft
# No Cars Go – “The Arcade Fire”:http://www.arcadefire.com/
# Up the Tree Theme – Trey from “ModPod”:http://modpodradio.libsyn.com/

*In the Cast*

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* The Gates
* Seth visits from Philadelphia
* A plethora of podcasts
* Jessica and Margaret discuss the Gates
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* “Oh Blast”:http://www.ohblast.com/
* We are also trying out a new thing – background music! From the “Vinyl Podcast”:http://vinylpodcast.com/index.php



5 responses to “TUTTWHYME: The Gates with Seth and Jessica”

  1. *Thanks Dudes !!!!*

    That was extremely sweet of you !

    Love the mash-up podcast…

  2. Josiah Avatar

    Love It. The _"New Flavor"_ also rocks! It reminds me of Leg of Lamb (with a bit of mint) Chips. Funtimes indeed!

  3. *crossposted on both WHYME and TUTT*

    Should I be teaching Ben how to say "le magicien" too? Hmm, well, it's a nice try for a beginner. :P

    Really, about the WHYMETUTT (Mashup Fusion Medley Mixâ„¢), it's an innovative concept and I'd like to see more of this through the whole podcasting universe.

    I guess one of these combo shows could be done via iChat, but it would require a lot of editing. For people like me who use *gulp*Audacity to record their podcasts, editing isn't always the best of things.

  4. Great epsiode you guys! Good Shizzle! That's the way it should be done!

  5. Hey, just want to say this is the first episode of TuTT i've heard, and you've definately got a subscriber in me, keep up the good work guys, keep introducing the new stuff to the masses..



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