Election Day

Damn all this waiting. I just want to know who’s going to be my president. I really hope it isn’t Bush. Man, that would totally suck.

It is really amazing how many people are coming out to vote. Cool to think that even if as a country we are completely polarized, democracy is in full effect. I just hope we can make this country work being that we are so divided.

We’ll make it work. We always have.


One response to “Election Day”

  1. It is time for change. The turn out for this election is great but it is just the beginning. An educated voter is the key to the future of this country. America has had the wool pulled over its eyes for too long. It is scary to think how ignorant most of the US is! OPEN YOUR EYES PEOPLE AND SEEK THE TRUTH! Our involvement in the government does not end November 3. You have a voice, use it.