Cabirdseat Oct is out!

Download your copy today and start your membership into the indie underground. As usual the mix is free and leaves nothing to be desired.

“Download it today!”: from “CatBirdSeat”: if you know what’s good for you.

Who knew Erlimart would would be such a good band, albeit VERY similar to Elliott Smith. The only band I know here is The Arcade Fire who are amazing.


One response to “Cabirdseat Oct is out!”

  1. Hey Ben,

    I'm friends with Seth (paintthesky) and that's how I found your site. The CatBirdSeat mix is pretty awesome. Thanks for posting it!

    I like discovering new music and I'm pretty disgusted at the sh*t they push out on the radio. While MP3 is a lossy format, I think it's great some of the indie bands push their music out as an MP3 b/c 1) I might not have discovered them and 2) I'm more inclined to buy their album b/c I discovered and like their MP3.

    Why can't the RIAA figure this out? It's not that people want free music, it's just that half the stuff out there isn't worth the plasctic it's burned on.