New Annoying Stamp Options

_Warning, Sarcasm Ahead!_

Do you ever feel as if your stamp is just not speaking for you? Is your ego so big that you need your mug on your mail? Are you getting married and feel like the people you know would like to see the “studio” picture of you and your fiance? OH MY GOD, do you have, like, the cutest baby ever? Well lucky for you now you can add any of the above photos to your stamps at PhotoStamps.

Hey if Maya Angelou can be on a stamp, why shouldn’t you be on one? Right? Probably because she’s one of the greatest voices of the African American poetry movement and you are famous for eating corn chips in your underwear on a Friday night. Unfortunately, the service will cost you a little extra per stamp, but hey isn’t it worth it for the excitement of not seeing your friends open your letters? (and then throwing away the envelope)


2 responses to “New Annoying Stamp Options”

  1. Oh my god. That's horrible. (And it seems like it should be illegal too…) I just hope this doesn't get picked up by a major news source or else all of my relatives will be using these, and opening up a mailbox to find pictures of my crazy aunts is almost as bad as opening up my mailbox to find it full of ants. Yipes!

  2. I see a baby Ben in bib stamp coming…