Combined IQ 7


George: Remember that time you went down to Latin America to save your daughter and kicked that cartel’s ass?

Arnold: Ya.

George: That was awesome! Well I created a little bit of a shitfarm down in Iraq, would you mind taking care of a guy for me?

Arnold: Dat vas just a moovie! Commando! I am a actoor!

George: I know what your saying there Arnie, but even if that was a movie – remember when you killed that alien in the woods with pointed sticks? do like that, but instead of an alien this is a guy named Osama-

Arnold: But I say dat vas just a moovie too!

George: Alright, Alright, but remember that time you were the Beastmaster and could talk to the hawks n’ shit? (turns to advisor) They got hawks in Iraq?

Arnold: I wasn’t even in dat movie, dat vas Marc Singer. He vas da BeastMaster.

George: Do you know if he’s a republican?

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I second that. Although the prospect of you as first lady is rather frightening. And I definatley get the Lincoln bedroom when I visit!

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