Are You Ready to Rumble?

That’s right it’s almost time for over-privileged rich white people to descend on new york city and today the wall street journal posted an article introducing us to the republican bloggers who will be covering the RNC. – Meet the Bloggers, Part Two

Anybody else notice that all these kaki wearing white people are REALLY unattractive? All pasty and pale. Reading down you realize that most of them are “consultants” and the others have jobs that don’t mean anything like “architectural designer”?! What the hell is that? I work with architects and I am a designer… there is no profession called “architectural designer”. that’s like saying you’re a “dentist pediatrician”!

Yes, please stay tuned for more random hostility towards the republicans and updates from my democratic hometown of New York City.

4 replies on “Are You Ready to Rumble?”

I say go for it. I don't know who he is but if he's supporting Bush then kick his pansy ass.
I may have some hostility issues with anyone voting for Bush. Just a lil', right?

Is it just me or does Ben
(he who must not be named) Domenech
look like your exact evil
republican twin. You guys
even have the same name.
I still don't get why he
is wearing make up.
Oh wait! Got it now!
That is funny! ;-)

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