Convenient Logic

My thought is, if you’ve already bought the pint of ice-cream and you know you are eventually going to finish it… it doesn’t really matter if you finish it in a week, or today all in one sitting.

(Another added plus is I have more room in my freezer today.)


2 responses to “Convenient Logic”

  1. i think the pint, as an ice cream measuring is pure and utter nonsense. as if you could get more than 2 servings out of there even if you tried really hard. it’s obviously just invented in those pint sizes to make you feel bad about yourself which invitably leads to more ice cream eating – A MARKETING SHAM! does anyone ever even take the ice cream out of those pints and put them in bowls? doesn’t everone knoe those pints ARE the bowls? geez.

  2. mebird Avatar

    Rob, is that you?