An Open Success!

The show went off without hitch. It was the best yet and I had a definite swagger throughout the show. I was even so ballsy as to rock some some accapella. You don’t have to take my word for it, I recorded the show for all my digital friends out there in digital land. While the show was great, the recording is a little quiet, so volume is required.

# Forgive me love
# Can’t Bring Me Down
# When We’re All Alone


3 responses to “An Open Success!”

  1. amigo70 Avatar

    Nice job dude! You’re a natural.

    I figured these would show up here. The recordings are pretty nice. Now I can have something for reference to add some bottom to if you like.

  2. "Nice Job Dude" says it perfectly :) Reminds me of how much I like live music.

  3. Naaman Avatar

    Sounds good man. (I iTunes'd it)