Forgive Me Love


Well I promised you all a track and a track is what I’ll give. It’s not really where I want it, but then again I could keep on saying that forever. Give it a listen and tell me what you think. It’s one of my oldest songs, very straight forward slow song without a bridge, although I had forgotten most of my keychanges I think it still holds up. It was recorded in two pieces first I sang while playing guitar, then removed my vocal track and rerecorded an isolated vocal track in pieces. As you might notice the last bit of the song my voice is much more confident and willing to take risks.

Okay enough gabbing.

“Forgive Me Love Take 2”:


5 responses to “Forgive Me Love”

  1. not bad…
    keep playing…
    your voice actually sounds good
    the guitar is a little hard to hear
    what editing app are you using with
    your tascam?
    are you using any reverb?

    just curious

  2. Thanks for taking a listen. I use GarageBand with the Tascam US-122. I have a little reverb on my voice as well as some EQ. GarageBand has a lot of preset EQs, but I'm still playing with my guitar and it's tone. I've also been looking at a new electric guitar to spice things up. I'm still experimenting and it's been a blast trying new things and learning what to hear.

    I'm going to keep on practicing and see what I can produce.

  3. Yeah, I thought the singing was fine. Reminds me of Radiohead's Thom Yorke. I think the guitar work could use a bit more variety, though.

  4. I really liked the way you sang, "…something in the way she walks, she talks…" the first time more than the second. I think you really hit that delay in your words the first time around. Nice. I've listened twice now. I like it a lot.

    Thanks for sharing!

  5. i guess this just proves that i have been out of the loop way too long…i never even knew that you were a rock star.

    it sounds really good for a first stab i have to say.

    great and funny and weird to see you in the store on 14th the other day…