The Art of a Soft Launch

This website is an example of a soft launch. A “soft launch”: is a public design, or redesign of a website. It is a upgrading the look and feel of a website, by updating as you go. It is, unfortunately, not favored by many graphic designers for good reason; it’s not good for their clients. But it is, however, great for the graphic designer who can never commit himself to a design.

*Enter Me.*

I’ve redesigned this site six times. Mostly updating the HTML or CSS back-end, but still I had to start from scratch and fix problems, other times I actually rewrote the look of the site to appear how I had intended it. I refer to Up the Tree is a soft launch, because if you were to poke your head around, you might notice that there are inconsistencies in the look of the site that are simply because I haven’t gotten to them yet.

What I’m trying to say is that I just noticed what my _Archives and Individual Entries_ look like and I realize I need to fix a few holes in my graphic user interface. They will all be fixed. Don’t you worry your pretty little head over it.