Lunchtime Karma

Sometimes, when you see a waitress trying to remove a giant dragonfly from her broom by scraping the dragonfly across the pavement, you have to step in and take the insect across the street to Union Square Park for release.

Dragonfly on a Broom

_(I actually stepped in when a cute little old man suggested removing the dragonfly from the broom by grabbing it’s wings.)_


5 responses to “Lunchtime Karma”

  1. Ah, so that's why you carry Pepper around in a bag. So you can have it attack broomgonflys when the occasion arises.

  2. You better believe it! You can never tell what a _broomgonfly_ is thinking from one moment to another.

  3. I once saved a butterfly from getting run over by a car. My friends called me insane, but the butterfly was saved! Ok yes I almost did get run over by the car, but the butterfly will pay me back later. It will, it will.

  4. that is a spectacular photo.

    and one happy fly.

  5. i am always struck by the similar design of dragon flies and the military apache hellicopters.