I Be Illin’

I don’t think this is what Run D.M.C. had in mind when they wore their huge gold chains. I feel like crap and no amount of chicken soup is going to make me feel better. I’m sick. Red nosed, stuffy headed, and temperature running sick.

*This is what I get.*

I stand out in the rain taking pictures of the wet streets and I get wet… I get a cold… and it gets beautiful out and all I got to show for it is a pile of snotty tissues each more revolting than the last. Now everybody’s out enjoying the sun and I’m stuck going home and cuddling _Pepper._

It’s not fair damn it!
It’s not fair.

The Exterior of a Plane in Long Beach airport, California

(Good news is I’m heading back over to California on the 25th… So EXCITED!)


2 responses to “I Be Illin’”

  1. Wow, sorry to hear your sick.

    Also, I can't believe you're coming on the 25th! I'm leaving on the 25th. Lame!

  2. I'm sick too, man. It sucks. Atleast it's not pretty outiside.