I Aim to Please

For all you people out there (Meredith) who wanted to see some naughty pictures of me, go crazy!

Grrrr Tiger!

For all of you who don’t want to look at my nakid’ bod, may I suggest some iced tea? Just a thought. See you next week when my hellish schedule slows down a bit.

*Fingers Crossed!*


7 responses to “I Aim to Please”

  1. So sexy! I know my stomach doesn't look like that.

  2. If you weren't a guy, I'd introduce myself.

  3. yum-meeeee!

  4. Yowza. ;)

  5. Oh my. Put a bag over your head and you'd be a frat boy's wet dream.

  6. I am every frat boy's wet dream damn it!


  7. I can't believe I'm the only one interested in who that girl IS???