Digital Camera

My Coffee Cup at Dizzy's in Brooklyn

It was a frightening experience. I was unsure of what I was looking for, or what was really important in purchasing digital camera. I flip-flopped between desperately needing a digital camera and settling for the next wave of digital cameras that would have ridiculous features in the future.

*I fantasied about resolution*

Finally, I got an e-mail from Dell Computers that they were having a one day sale on all digital cameras. I went over to their site and everything was 20% off, with free shipping! My brain finally made a decision that this is what I had been waiting for and the time to buy was now. I quickly did a little research online and…

*I bought a digital camera.*

I bought my digital camera two and a half months ago, since than I have been taking pictures constantly. I have taken a whole lot of terrible pictures. I have taken _”nature”_ pictures. I have documented my life with photographs. I have taken naughty pictures. I have taken abstract pictures. I have taken snapshots. I have taken too many pictures of my cat. I have taken wobbly pictures. I have blinded people with my flash. I have gotten in trouble with store security for trying to take a photograph.

Having a digital camera really changed the way I take photographs. It allows you the freedom to experiment and take really shitty images, without the frustration of time and cost. You stand there, I’ll point the camera at you, push this little button, and two seconds later I’m seeing a preview of the photograph on the LCD. No more closed eye photographs from the photo-mat. No more photo-mat! Instant pictures! No rolls of film to take care of, no waiting for prints to scratch, no negatives to loose, no extra costs, no scanning to send them friends.

*Instant Gratification*

If you are thinking about a digital camera I would recommend you get one. It is an extremely liberating experience to look at life as the next photograph. Creativity a constant achievable goal. It sounds like an advertisement, but a good digital camera can really change the way you look at life.

Camera: “Canon PowerShot S30”:
Resolution: 3.2 MegaPixels
Paid: $321.01 ($100 a MegaPixel)
From: “DealCam’s”: price alert from Dell Computer


5 responses to “Digital Camera”

  1. I'm about "this" close to buying one too, this might have pushed me over the edge.

  2. I have a s45, purchased a few months ago with a similar deal from Dell. I agree on all your pluses – it's fab.

  3. so how about posting some naughty pictures? or the cat ones? *or* some naughy cat ones…

  4. Absolutely! I love my 35mm SLR, but my little point-and-shoot digital is the one I like to carry. So freeing not having to deal with film!

    I've got a Fujifilm Finepix 2650 (2.0 megapixels), which works great for snapshots, e-mail, etc.

  5. I love the digital camera Rob got. It's amazing! You can take pictures in complete darkness and it will show up as a nice, normal, well-lit photo.

    We recorded our pup for an hour and a half with it when we went to work.

    I took a picture of a flower with it on macro and saw detail I've never seen with own eye.

    We really don't use it enough.

    Sony DSC-F707 Cyber-Shot (the F717 just replaced it):