bq. Again to yoga
Hopping that my downward dog
brings my dog on down.

a Dog in Montauk


5 responses to “Yogaku”

  1. Handsome doogie. You do yoga, I suppose?

  2. I tried yoga for the first time last night. Love it!

  3. I once slipped showing my sister how to do the downward dog, and landed flat on my stomach. Thank goodness the only people there to witness the horrible belly flop were my boyfriend, both of my parents, my little brother, my dog, both cats, and the neighborhood kids who all happened to be riding their bikes by my house at that exact second.

    It was definitely one of my finer moments.

  4. That sounds like half the neighborhood saw your downward dog, I'm surprised they didn't get a photo in the local paper.

    Yoga is great, because it is self affirming. _You_ are working with _your_ body to make _your_ body feel better. It's like putting a fresh coat of paint on an old dresser to make it look like new.

    _It's just that my body sometimes feels like it need two coats._

  5. You yoga people scare me. I mean really, why in the world would you want to be able to touch your toes?