Parade of Shoes

It’s like the end of the world, women with boxes and boxes of pumps, flats, heels, sandals, pointy toes, wings, boots, and sneakers. Each in another array of glaring contrasting colors and prints that eventually beat you, the boyfriend, into submission. It’s like _Circuit City_ for women.

*I still have flashbacks.*



5 responses to “Parade of Shoes”

  1. that really is an apt analogy too. *shakes head thinking about her own shoe obsession*

  2. Ben, you really must learn to appreciate the fine art of shoe shopping. It could take you very far my friend.

  3. The shoes at that store make my feet hurt. :O

    And, whoa, you listen to Wilco too, huh?



    DSW ( is what we have around here – not nearly as good as Parade of Shoes. :(

  5. great shot-tis the season huh? and thanks for always writing comments on my site-i need to be better about that…