I have seen no sign of my worktime friend since our photo-shoot, but the little turds on my desk still surface at semi-regular intervals. He must be coming by to visit and just missing me.

I wonder what he thinks about the mouse trap on my desk covered in *Nutella*?

Reggie in the hallway

(Why Nutella? I was thinking about what would catch me if I were a mouse and I sure as hell wasn’t going to give him a *Chunky(TM)* bar.)


2 responses to “Reggie”

  1. Glovia Avatar

    Mouse trap on your desk, ew. That could be gross. Ever see that Friends episode where Phoebe turns her mouse into a pet(s). Y'all could have a new office pet and feed it Nutella and get it an exercise wheel and stuff.

  2. mebird Avatar

    that mouse is so cute!!!