A Worktime Friend

The mouse behind my desk

I have a hole in the back of my desk that all the wires of my computer come up out of. Recently a mouse has also been coming up out of the same hole. It shits on my desk, but who can complain with such a face.

*I think I shall call him Reggie.*


5 responses to “A Worktime Friend”

  1. just out of curiosity–how long did you sit there waiting for your furry friend to come out?

    i think you tell great stories.

  2. I wasn't actually waiting for the little blighter, but just had my digital camera on my desk. Reggie just sat there looking at me as I fumbled with my camera and took a few shots. Since then I have had another photo-shoot with Reggie where he tried to intimidate me from behind a column in the hallway.

    All he really needs is love.

  3. My god, that is a cute mouse. If he winds up having a brother, can the brother's name be Chauncey?

  4. Um… can you say hanta virus???