Fingers Crossed

Well, it’s about that time to go on home and prepare for an insane weekend ahead. This weekend I have been roped into acting in a movie for my friend Jay. The movie is great, but this time of year, the last thing I want to do is have a half-dozen crew members examining me through a camera lens, whilst saying things like…

“He needs more make-up”
“He’s so pale, can we use a filter?”
“Wow, she looks great… He looks pretty good”


The up-coming months will be a mix of fear, stress, and general anxiety. The sources of these various attributes can be as simple as spending time with my family or buying christmas presents. The last thing I need is additional stresses from outside sources.

I want to hide under a rock.

What might make the whole thing oh so much more enjoyable is that, come Monday, the Metropolitan Transit Workers may strike. Walking from Brooklyn to Union Square in December may not sound like a fun idea, but let me assure you it really wont be a fun idea at 8 in the morning. I understand there are things that are wrong in the MTA, but pissing off your ridders is not the answer.

Why do people have to make this so difficult?

I am speaking to both the City of New York and Transit Workers here… Let’s stop the bullshit, charge me the $2 a ride, to pay for all your faulty republican rhetoric, and let’s get on with our lives.

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6 responses to “Fingers Crossed”

  1. Lord – I should have such problems.

  2. Hi Ben:

    this is Rob's girlfriend…I'll go through your journal tonight when I have time….too busy at work right now….anyway….I should have Rob get in touch with you so we can all meet up this weekend….


  3.  Avatar

    holy shit – Rob has a girlfriend?

  4. That's what I said! I can't verify anything other than I've heard her voice and she sounds like a doll, but I'm hoping to meet her soon and scare her off with some college stories about Rob.

    Ahh, fun times.

  5. Yes…I'm real! Hooray! And Rob thinks the anonymous and quizzical poster is Jason…hmm?

  6. So do Fun Time Tree House, Inc.