TUTT, Where Have You Gone?

It’s one of those sad truths that you can only juggle so much in your life… And juggle I do, with my improv training, working, and socializing my time is all but evaporated. My personal life is a disaster, my health is failing, and tracks up the tree… well you know how that’s been going.

Sadly this has been the happiest I’ve been in months.

What this all means for you is that the future of TUTT is a little in the air. I don’t want to stop recording and I’m not, but I have no time for the show right now. I don’t want to keep you all in limbo, but it’s all I got right now. I really adore all of you wonderful TUTTers and hope this isn’t a deal breaker.

Congratulation on the new baby, house, tribal tattoo, or computer. If that doesn’t cover it, let me know.


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