New Years Resolutions, Podcasting, and the Itch

Haaaaaaa-ppppppy Newwwwwww-Yeeeeeearrrrrrr!

Eh, well enough of that malarky. Yes I’m back. After my home computer crapping out on me and a complete system reinstall it looks like the podcast gravy-train can once again saddle-up.

I met up with Josiah on New Years and he is itching to get back into the copilot’s seat.

2006 promises to be an interesting year full of surprises.

Got a sweet microphone for christmas to do live interviews with and a new lens to take lovely photographs of bands with, all thanks to Funtime Diane.

Most of all I hope to be more regular in 2006… with podcasting I mean, now while I’m in the mood, what suggestions do you guys have for the show?


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