BBC “London rocked by terror attacks”


After the good news that London would hold the 2012 Olympics, this morning news came in that was not good. I’m not sure if it has anything to do with being a New Yorker, or that I have family and friends in London, or that after living through 9/11 here in NYC, or that I’m a human being but terrorism really disturbs me. It makes me really angry and upset.

It’s hard to keep back the tears.

This news of renewed terrorism attacks is particularly disconcerting as our bullshit war in the middle east rages on against Iraqis, whilst al-Qaeda who have taken responsibility for these attacks go on without reprimand. If we had our priorities in the right place from the beginning, this may never have happened.

My heart goes out to all my fellow urbanites.

p(update). All family and friends accounted for, Although my cousin was on the tube close to the attacks, but while shaken, is thankfully alright.


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