TUTT: Show London Some Love

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# “(mp3)Tidal Wave”:http://clapyourhandssayyeah.com/mp3/Tidal_Wave.mp3 by “Clap Your Hands and Say Yeah!”:http://clapyourhandssayyeah.com/ on Clap Your Hands and Say Yeah!
# “(mp3)The Lord God Bird”:http://anon.npr-mp3.speedera.net/anon.npr-mp3/atc/20050706_atc_godbird.mp3 by “Sufjan Stevens”:http://www.sufjan.com/ live on “NPR”:http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=4721675 with an amazing story on how the song was written.
# _Mashup:_ My Sherona Formed a Band by Spoiler Boy featuring “Art Brut”:http://www.artbrut.org.uk/
# “(mp3)War on Sound”:http://www.parasol.com/mp3/Moonbabies%20-%20War%20On%20Sound.mp3 by “Moonbabies”:http://www.moonbabiesmusic.com/ on “War On Sound”:http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/B0009Y26UY/upthetree-20/ Mini Album
# “(mp3)The Start of Something”:http://www.voxtrot.net/TheStartOfSomething.mp3 by “Voxtrot”:http://www.voxtrot.net/ on Raised by Wolves
# “(mp3)Unknown Track”:http://www.nellmedia.com/mercer/live/moonshinefestival-04-10-10/jamesmercer2004-10-10d1t06.mp3 by “James Mercer of the Shins”:http://www.theshins.com/ on “Moonshine Festival 04-10-10”:http://www.nellmedia.com/mercer/live/moonshinefestival-04-10-10/

h4. Mentioned on Todays Show

* Organized music lists
* Terrorism in London (4 explosions not 6)
* New York Minute on “Upcoming.org”:http://www.upcoming.org
* Digital SLR cameras?
* Stupid music apologies and I wasn’t even drunk
* Best wishes to you and yours


18 responses to “TUTT: Show London Some Love”

  1. Hi Ben, really great show to listen to first thing this morning (Swedish time). Discovered podcasts only a few weeks (latest iTunes with Tiger upgrade) ago and yours through listening to WHYME.
    You have such a brilliant show and the music is the best, stuff I’ve never heard of before! (Surfjan Stevens and that Anthony and the Johnsons…weird but so original) RE Voxtrot, you’ve heard the early Housemartins from Hull, England or…
    Have a great summer of podcasting, thanks for the shows, I can’t wait to hear the next.

  2. that rebel is good, and i was just looking at it. i opted to go up a step to the eos 20d after playing with both of them. the 20d is made out of METAL and has a big fat ipod wheel. it's also awesome for low light, when the cute art director girl is making eyes at you. you don't want to die with a sissies gun, ben! you want to die with a mans gun!

  3. hahahaha thanks Gabriel! The problem with me is that I have small sissy hands. The D20 looks amazing, but may be out of the old funtime budget! I shall reassess… now who is this cute art director girl?

    (I can feel an ass kicking from Funtime Diane coming on)

  4. Funtime Diane Avatar
    Funtime Diane

    We heard from Chris and our other pals there, and thankfully, they are ok. London, we love You and all the People you carry in your Heart.

  5. This was a great show. I think this is your best effort yet. Forget Steve Jobs.

  6. Dammit!

    38 on podcastalley music?!? Ridiculous. This is the best damn show out there.

  7. More camera advice….

    Don't do the Rebel, man. Save your coin a little longer and get the 20D. If you like to shoot manually with an SLR at all, the Rebel will drive you up the wall. The same dial controls both shutter speed and aperture on that body, you have to do this five fingered palm of death grip with another button to switch the dial between the two. The 20D has dials dedicated to both functions. Plus, the 20D is harder to break, a good bit quicker in making photos in a sequence and the images from it are jaw droppingly great.

    Thanks for the Godbird song. Pretty stuff. The Ivory Billed Woodpecker story gets my vote for uplifting story of the year. Resurrection can be inspiring.

  8. lizzieb Avatar

    Ben I loved that James Mercer track. Where did you get that again?
    (oh yes i can download it from the link. what an idiot. long day)

  9. with love from the philippines

    just wanted to say i love your podcast!

  10. You are right. That Voxtrot track kicked ass! The second it came on I knew I was going to love it.

  11. Thanks for the London thoughts Ben, nice to know you're thinkiing of us here.

    Found your show via 'City of Sound', particularly liked Voxtrot by the way.

    As a 'small handed' girl the 350D was a great buy for me (in New York last month curiously) and anything that cuts the weight of the camera but still has that 'SLR-ness' is a boon to me. The picture quality left me in no doubt I'd got the right camera. My EOS 5 now lays idle.

    Looking forward to your next cast…

  12. great show, excellent songs. i love voxtrot — they’re playing new york this summer.

    also, about your comments on iPods and show notes: i have a 20 GB 3rd generation iPod and i don’t see any show notes when i hit the center button multiple times. i only see fast forward/rewind, and rating. alas.

  13. yo funtime homey – so i just saw voxtrot tonight here in seattle! they played a tiny tavern in ballard to an audience of maaaaybe 30. i even skipped out on luke temple just to see them, all b/c of you & this freakin' little song i can't get out of my head. but we scored big on this bet, b/c these guys were absolutely FANTASTIC. from the first song, i got that goosebumpy feeling when all expectations are met + then some. someone earlier mentioned they're playing NYC this summer – 2 shows in august, to be exact. you + everyone you know + even ppl you don't should pile in & see these guys. and definitely watch for the lead singer's bunny-rabbit-like hopping during the jam-out parts – totally endearing. & their guitarist looks like erlend oye.

  14. It’s funny how Voxtrot really seems to have made a huge impression on people. I’m really glad you gentle folks liked the song, apparently I am one degree of separation from the band and I shall use this degree to my advantage.

    Beatrice, as a small handed man with a limited budget, your praises are music to my ears.

    I shall be heading to my local camera shoppe (B and H) to try this baby on for size… if all works out I should be shooting again by next week.

  15. After a trawl of every camera shop in New York my NYC friends and I found Tri-state Camera and Computer (50 W.20th) the cheapest for the 350D body and much cheaper for the accessories (esp. compact flash cards). Funny sales staff too.

    Hope you find the perfect camera.

  16. Being limited by budget – you should also look at the Nikon D70. I have one and it’s easy to use, has good weight and good enough quality. And don’t go to B&H – Adorama has all the same stuff, same prices and you won’t feel like cattle!

    Love your show!

  17. Hey,

    Love the cast. I was in NYC on 911. I spent that entire day reliving that day. I’m glad someone spoke to it. No one in Ca gets it. I had to talk to my NYC friends about it.

    Great cast. It was good on the ears.


  18. clap your hands say yeah is far from the best music we've ever heard. actually it sort of hurts our ears.