The Little Things

Back in New York we have this Dairy product called _Skim Milk_. It is part of a four pronged system of milk delivery. They consist of:

* Whole Milk
* 2% Milk
* 1% Milk
* Skim Milk

(There is also Half- &-Half as well as the popular cream varieties, but for the sake of this argument we shall leave them out.)

But these different categories of milk, apparently, haven’t reached this coast yet and it troubles me. Yesterday, we went to the local Coffee vending establishment and Diane asked for an iced coffee with skim, to which the uncomfortable girl behind the counter said;

“What’s Skim?”
“Skim Milk?”
“What? Low fat?”
“Yes, Low fat milk.”

But skim milk isn’t low fat milk, it’s no-fat milk, but the idea of prolonging the conversation with the recent college grad was too daunting for either of us and we quickly retreated, leaving the foolish girl to her milk mislabeling ways. It’s a frightening world out here in California.



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