Born in East LA

You can’t live in LA by normal people rules, because people in LA don’t live by the same rules that we live by. Here, it’s all about the “industry.” People in LA, as far as I can tell, have a truly perverted view of the world. The world they live in is the world that I as a New Yorker, don’t buy into. I don’t watch television. I think the majority of the movies from Hollywood suck. I find that most of popular culture is not charming, but rather a plague which is successfully draining this country of both intelligence and ambition.

Brittany Spears is an embarrassment.

People here are obsessed with popular culture. They eat it up, in all it’s vulgarity, and recite television show trivia like gospel. It is a huge city, which much like it’s citizens, is forever looking at itself and completely misses what is happening in the world around them. I asked the question “what if you don’t have a television in LA?” to a party of people, to which I was greeted with the most frightened faces I had seen all vacation.

“Why would you want to do that?”

LA is also a fantastic city to watch, like a car wreck is fun to watch. The people here are caricatures of themselves in many ways, like there’s the Indy people with the retro mesh-hats, or the punks with their Misfits shirts and bullet holding belts, or the people walking down Melrose in full club outfits on a Sunday morning. It really is a great place for people watching. There are the standard truths about LA, like everybody drives, everybody wants to be famous, and most people are not walking around with their original cheeks. After a few days here it all started to make sense.

All in all, Los Angeles is a fantastic city to be in, because it has it’s own personality. It isn’t trying to be anything it’s not. LA is a vapid, self-indulgent, hedonistic, energetic, and often hypercritic city, just like New York. It is what it is.

*I am a fan.*

*Just because.*


3 responses to “Born in East LA”

  1. Ah, to live and die in LA, where everyday we try to fatten our pockets.

    I had to bump Pac just reading that.

  2. L.A. and New York represent everything wrong with America. Get outside and do something; camp, kayak or go rock climbing. You guys are all pussies.

  3. The reason I'm not fond of Dallas (and don't live there) is that it's trying so hard to be things it's not. At least L.A. is L.A.; New York is New York. Dallas is pretense, fakery, trickery. It's Texas, y'all, and Texas isn't all that. Gimme a break.